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The Alpine Loop Gran Fondo is a road cycling event. Cyclocross, mountain bikes and tandems are allowed, provided they comply with the following regulations. Time trial bikes (aero bars and disc wheels are not permitted.)

The following equipment regulations are taken directly from the Alpine Loop Gran Fondo’s permit and insurance policy. Riders will be required to comply with these regulations. 

EquipmentBicycles used in a Gran Fondo must be propelled solely by the rider’s legs and shall have the following characteristics: (a) Dimensions: Bicycles may be no more than 2 meters long and 75 cm wide, except that tandems may be up to 3 meters long (b) There may be no protective shield, fairing, or other device on any part of the bicycle, which has the effect of reducing air resistance except that spoke covers may be used.

Wheels. Wheels must have at least 12 spokes. No wheel may contain special mechanisms to store and release energy. Disc wheels (solid, spoke-less aero/time trial wheels) are not allowed. (This is not to be confused with wheels that use disc brakes. Disc brakes are allowed.)

Handlebar. The handlebar ends shall be solidly plugged and attachments thereto shall be fashioned in such a way as to minimize danger without impairing steering.

Helmets. At all times during the event, riders must wear a securely fastened helmet the laboratory testing standards of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Other Requirements. Riders must comply with other specific equipment regulations given in the Technical Guide, such as carrying a pump and spare or starting the event with a specified number of full water bottles. 

Read “Dirt, Gears and Tires” for gearing and tire selection recommendations for the Alpine Loop.

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