Today's Date: September 20, 2017

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2017 Supporter’s List

Registrants for the 2017 Alpine Loop Gran Fondo are passionate in their support for the charitable mission of the event. The 2017 Supporter’s List will continue to be updated as the event draws near, and currently includes the following who have contributed as individuals:

Champions of the Gran Fondo
Michael Bell
Jameson Cahill
Jorg Decressin
GMike Rodgers
Michael L. Smith

Gran Fondo Supporters
Eddie Bumbaugh
Adrian Halme
Michael L. Smith
Michael Zymowski

Friends of the Gran Fondo
Steve Cook
Andrew Cowan
Joseph Creed
Brian Howell
Jeff Marco
John McCann
Matt Parker
Marc Quintyn
Allon Shiff
Cees van de Mortel

Outstanding Participants
Brandon Corbin
Giovanni Daniele
Norman Field
Mary Haley
Christopher Izenour
David Jiang
Drew Kolbeck
Michael Lidik
Richard Morton
Skip Nelson
Marc Quintyn
Nikolas Rogers
Jacob Rykken
Cees van de Mortel
Roger Wilcoxen
LC Yarnelle

and all who will participate in the 2017 Alpine Loop Gran Fondo.

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