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2016 Supporters List

Alpine Loop Gran Fondo participants have outdone themselves! The 2016 Supporters list has more individuals than any previous edition, including:

Champions of the ‘Fondo

Andrew Huggins

Barry Sherry

Bill Dodge

GMike Rodgers

Jorg Decressin

Lin Lotto

Matthew Green

Michael L. Smith

Sarah Hynes

Robert Hess

Gran Fondo Supporters

Eddie Bumbaugh

John Maguire

John Reynolds

Marc Quintyn

Michael Zymowski

Timothy Mahady

Todd Erdley

Friends of the ‘Fondo

Adrian Pavia

Bob Richard

Carol Clark

Charles Pramawat

Christopher Peak

David Cristeal

Giovanni Daniele

Jake Bowen

John Barry

Luis Prudencio

Mark Bates

Mark Nesbit

Michael Bowen

michael jacoby

Michele Merkel

Parrish Brown

Robert Anderson

Steve Cook

Outstanding Participants

Adam Hoey

Adrian Reich

Andrew Cowan

Bill Harper

Bob Gundry

Brian Latham

Britton Henderson

Christina Goodwin

Christopher Ross

Clay Perfall

Curtis Alia

David Goodwin

David Helms

David Rattigan

Deirdre Anderson

Derek Richesin

Drew Kolbeck

Curtis Smith

Eben Block

Edward Laycox

George Komatsoulis

Giovanni Daniele

Gregory Taylor

Jane Thompson

Jerome Lard

Jim Walther

Joe Cloud

John Culhane

Jon Markiewicz

Katie Provost-Javier

Keith Hagg

Kelly McDonald

Kenneth Garm

Kevin Kato

Kevin Williams

LC Yarnelle

Leonard Moon

Marc Quintyn

Mark Kavanagh

Mark Rackham

Matt Roberts

Matthew Freund

Michael Basgier

Michael Davis

Michael Landon

Michael Porterfield

Miguel Angel Jorge

Nathan Peak

Neal Deane

Pete Wolfe

Ralph carter

Richard Harris

Richard Morton

Robert Prodan

Ronald Javier

Sean Mclaughlin

Tom Rittenhouse

Tyler Hemmerich

Yon Lambert,

and all who participated in the 2016 Alpine Loop Gran Fondo.

Thanks to all who gave in support of the charitable mission of the Alpine Loop Gran Fondo!

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