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Alpine Loopie Poster










Celebrate your completion of The Alpine Loop Gran Fondo with a personalised Loopie print. A beautiful and lasting reminder of a great day on your bike. A Loopie is an accurate but artistic representation of your ride, including mapping, elevation, distance and speed. Combining the aesthetics of fine art with elegant data visualisation, the result is a personal and permanent reminder of an epic ride. Chapeau!

Your unique Alpine Loop Gran Fondo Loopie is personalised with your name, finishing time, average speed and your KOM times. Light and dark versions of the print are available for all five rides; Alpine Loop, Shenandoah Mountain Century, Shenandoah Mountain Adventure, Mt Solon Metric Century and Valley View Challenge. Click here to purchase.










Alpine Loop Gran Fondo event jerseys have been added to the merchandise section of the 2016 event registration page. Jerseys can be purchased as a unique transaction – no registration required – and price includes shipping.

A limited selection of collector’s edition Alpine Loop Gran Fondo jerseys will be available onsite at the 2016 event.


Alpine Tankards (left) and Farmhouse Mugs

Alpine Tankards (left) and Farmhouse Mugs

Alpine Tankard
Handmade in the USA and featuring the crest of Jeremiah Bishop’s Alpine Loop Gran Fondo. 18 oz European-styled Tankards – Beer Steins. Only 50 have been made.

Alpine Farmhouse Mug
Handmade in the USA and featuring the crest of Jeremiah Bishop’s Alpine Loop Gran Fondo. 12 oz rancher-style Farmhouse mug. Only 100 have been made.

Mugs and Tankards are not available for shipping at this time. A limited supply of Alpine Tankards and Alpine Farmhouse Mugs will be available for purchase onsite at the 2016 event.

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