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Welcome Back, Porsche of Charlottesville
















We are happy to give a warm “welcome back” to Flow Automotive and Porsche of Charlottesville as returning members of the ‘Fondo family. You can expect many exciting opportunities at the 2015 Gran Fondo – thanks to Flow Automotive and Porsche of Charlottesville!

General Manager Porsche of Charlottesville, values the partnership. “Occasionally in the automotive industry, an opportunity arises to create a partnership in which all members share the same values, energy and excitement,” he says. “Porsche of Charlottesville and Flow Automotive are thrilled to have such a partnership opportunity and have committed to sponsoring Jeremiah Bishop’s Alpine Loop Gran Fondo.”

“We look forward to supporting this premier cycling event,” he says. “It is our hope that in addition to providing support, we will meet both cyclists and volunteers, encourage participation, and showcase some of our Porsche luxury automobiles while helping enhance both the event and fundraising.”

Porsche of Charlottesville will have an amazing presence at the 2015 Alpine Loop Gran Fondo and Cycling Capital Celebration, about which he says, “we look forward to meeting and celebrating with you all!”


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